Wesley Lima

Own Your Reality

May 01, 2018

What is AR

Augmented Reality is the the next to last computing medium. It’s an advancement so profound that it will only be superceded by direct mind-machine interface.

The leap from smartphones to AR will be the most disruptive and revolutionary ever. It eventually fully replace every medium before it. Every page, screen or key will be fully and more flexibly expressed in Augmented Reality. And it will deeply, literally and irreversibly change the nature of reality itself.

Every medium since has been exploited to influence behavior and warp perception. This is done to the benefit of the medium “owner”. When the user doesn’t “own” the devices they bear, this will come at the expense of the user. Warping of reality is propaganda.

As the medium becomes more sophisticated so does the power of propaganda to shape behavior.

Devices become extensions of our selves and how we see the world. This reaches an apex with AR.

Smartphones already alter human behavior. AR will alter human behavior more powerfully than smartphones by at least a factor of 10. Whoever owns AR will be able to literally shape reality for millions.

Thus, software on AR computers must belong to the user. If not, users will completely subservient to the true owners.