Wesley Lima

Own Your Reality

May 01, 2018

What is AR

AR is the penultimate computing interface. It’s an advancement so profound it will only be superceded by a direct mind machine interface.

While it won’t be the last medium—direct mind-machine interfaces are the apex—the leap from smartphones to AR will be the most disruptive and revolutionary ever. It fully replace every medium before it. And it will deeply, literally and irreversibly change the nature of reality itself.

Every medium since we first created media has been exploited to influence behavior and warp perception in ways that benefit the medium”owner” with no regard —and often to the detriment — of the target. This is really just a cute way of saying advertisement and propaganda (the same word in Portuguese). I will call it all propaganda. As the medium becomes more sophisticated so does the power of propaganda to shape behavior. We know it works because people spend money on it.

Devices become extensions of our selves. This reaches an apex with AR.

Smartphones already alter human behavior. AR can alter human behavior more powerfully than smartphones by at least a factor of 10 Literally shaping your paradigm at a whim

Software on AR computers must BELONG to the user or else we will become slaves to the true owners

Current State

Palm Pilot - 1997 iPhone - 2007